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Mission Statement

on Fri Mar 21, 2014 8:53 am
Hola Compaderoonies  Smile   

Just want to give ye all some idea of how I hope things go for us and what we should be able to expect from each other as we take Pandaria, WoD, and the whole WoW universe by storm.

1st thing is to make sure we make CoTS a Guild of the people – Everyone here has prob had some experience of the shabby, faceless, and elitist guilds that are way way too prevalent these days. You all know the type; only the chosen few have any chance of experiencing end-game content and where if someone says ‘hello’ to you it’s almost always followed with a plea for gold, help, or some other thing you just know will never be reciprocated, returned or even appreciated. Their main ideology seems to be exploitation of the masses for personal gain. CoTS will never be like that, or allowed to slip in to the bad mannered habit that so many others, who have begun with good intentions, allowed themselves to slip in to. No 1 individual, or group of individuals, will be regarded as more important than others here. We're all here for the same reasons - to have a little chill time and get some fun from a great game.

Peeps will, no doubt, come and go here like everywhere else and there will be no hard feelings or recrimination. What usually happens when members move on can fit in to a few obvious categories, but one of the most common is a feeling about how end-game experience, and the game as a whole, should be handled and the ideology behind that!

CoTS will not now, nor will it ever, deny any of its members access to any part of the game they are ready for…that's what we're here for, that's why you joined a Guild, and in particular this Guild.

I plan to give everyone the same opportunity to explore all they can in a friendly and guilt-free way. We are and will truly try to live up to our name – 'companions' who support each other to the hilt and know how to enjoy the game.

PVE CoTS is PVE Guild. We will lean strongly towards achieving end-game PVE glory but in a casual way – probably, at least to begin with, with just two raids per week. We’re not going hard-core guys…been there, done it, have the emotional scars embedded in me brain to prove it  lol! Most important thing, will be to have some fun and a few laughs along the way while picking up some nice kit and gaining kudos as a Guild from taking bosses down as a team. Personally, I dont give a damn if we never kill another boss so long as we have a friendly grp having a lil fun trying - that's all that really counts. If we're having fun and learning the encounters together then the kills (and the kudos) will come.

The one thing I can guarantee you guys, is that my team selections will always be 100% fair and everyone will get as much action as they want – we wont leave anyone behind here and will help as much as needed to get our raiders up to speed.

PVP – WoD is gonna be massive! I’ve heard twice the size of Pandaria and at least one zone is gonna be a gank-fest with some pretty cool stuff going down. That aside, + I’m not sure how viable it will be when WoD hits, but I like the idea of us maybe re-introducing some of our own old-school hoardy raids...nights we’re not kicking the stuffing out of a fungeon lets take the companions over to cross-roads or Ogrimaar for a lil chaos – thousand deaths per minute in total anarchy anyone?   The rush on those raids was amazing – if it’s poss I’d like us to have a go at that too.

There really is no point in being a member of a Guild if you do not actually want to take part in helping it evolve and progress - all those guilds i was talking about earlier slip in to the trap of just letting their guildys sit on their ever increasingly flabby buttocks while it all goes down the pan - tbh I would rather have a Guild of 30 reliable friends who all play an active role in helping each other enjoy the game than a Guild of 300 in which nobody gives a toss. We don’t need to compete with anyone and we don’t need to be massive to accomplish all our goals. One of the great things about the game now is the capacity for small, dedicated, Guilds to do, see, and enjoy the whole content – brilliant!  Laughing 

Fun - It's all too easy to make a daft comment or two or do something 'unusal' on a run or anywhere else for that matter ( i know better than anyone lol ) but really, does it matter? ok you might feel a little embarrassed about things for a bit, but you'll get over it and everyone else has too many other things on their plate to start bringing up past failures and have, anyway, prob forgotten all about it already ( except for the Priesthood - they seem to keep a record of everything for some reason - Pally envy is my guess ;o) ). The main thing is to keep trying, don't mope around, and do your best to keep improving. We're all in this together + we all make mistakes so don't get put off by the odd slip-up or 5. Some of the best times we’ve had playing this game have been as a result of some cwazeeee mistake – Fek! It would be soooo boring if we were all perfect and got everything right 1st time. If you do something ‘strange’ hold your hands up, take the beasting, then forget about it – even the greatest, most experienced players get the noob treatment sometimes... with the exception ofc of that true manifestation of light made flesh (the Paladin), most of the rest of ye are much less than perfect   Razz  lol!   

There are always gonna be bad apples who show up out of the blue, disrupt things as much as poss and generally create as much havoc as they can - I will NEVER allow that type to remain here for long...if i believe someone is becoming detrimental to guild moral or progress my officers and I will simply /guildkick, have no fear on that score - CoTS, and by that I mean the players in CoTS, are way too important to ever allow that to happen! You can rest assured that I, and the other officers will have our fingers on the pulse here, and while advancement to 90, SoO, the whole new world of WoD
et all is important, it’s not as important as the ethos that this Guild will always attempt to instil in its membership and which will be its core value: ‘ full wow content in a relaxed, ‘blameless’ and no-pressure environment where everyone can progress at their own pace and have some real 'fun’    sunny 

None of this is to say we have no rules or that you can do anything you please without fear of recrimination - no Guild worth its salt would or should have that attitude, and Guild moral is based as much on the attitude and approach of level 10 freshers as it is from full epic purple pixies. So we will have some common sense and basic rules that help us maintain dignity and pride in the Guild and act as a framework for us all to work in.

CoTS is in a fairly unique and exciting position especially now we've landed in Shadowsong - we're fresh and new and will advance and expand and become great at the things we do. With SoO finally upon us and WoD just round the corner, CoTS may well be in a position to vie for top dog amongst the casual Guilds - we will (Oh yeah baby!! ) become a well oiled raiding machine with a solid group of friends ready to take on the challenges of the expansion. Best Guild on the server? Hell - best Guild anywhere!  Very Happy  Razz 

Raiding is not the be all and end all tho - there's sooo much more to the game than just that. Primary of those for me is the friendships I've made along the way and the fun I've had playing the game with them. So, it doesn't matter if you're not equipped with all the latest epix guys, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. If you want those cool - we'll help you get em. But that will always be your choice, all we really ask is that you respect fellow guildys, do everything you can to help each other out, and promote the Utopian experience this could so easily, with a little consideration on everyone's part, turn out to be.

CoTS ROXX  cheers 

Priests do it in missionary
Rogues do it from behind
Pally's do it with Protection Razz
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