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Fancy being a Companion?

on Wed Feb 20, 2013 12:22 pm
As you have found your way here you probably already know that as a guild we are recruiting. This post should give you some background about us as a group, where we're at, and where we want to go.

As a guild we will never :

1. Prejudice by class race or spec - If you fit in and are happy playing at our level then you are welcome.
2. Ask you to respec - You are playing the game to have fun and how you do that is your own decision.
3. Demand that you are online for a certain amount of time or at certain times - Everyone has a life outside this game and it has to take precedence sometimes.
4. As a caveat to the above, if you do sign up for one of our events we expect you to make every effort poss to be there on time and have at least tried to learn any necessary mechanics to help you be the best you can be – Companions ride side-by-side and try not to let each other down...

How do you know if your raid has been successful? Number of bosses killed? Nope....distance pushed into the instance?? Nope.... Number of gear ' shows' in /G chat??? Nope....Everyone had fun and can't wait to go again and raid with their friends? Yes!! bounce Smile

In the end that's all that matters. Read up on tactics and/or anything special your class can do to make things smoother, but keep a light-hearted attitude and never ever point fingers if something goes wrong. Mistakes have led to some of our most memorable times in WoW, all of which I think we look back on with a smile not a frown Laughing

We are adults so:
1. People will make jokes, but don't mean offence.
2. We ask that you are at least 18.

Where we are going:

We are a PVE Guild with a focus on achieving end-game raiding, but in a casual ( what's the rush ) kind of way. We currently run a single 10 man raid on a regular basis but may expand that if membership, and demand, grows enough to make it viable.

It’s important to us that we remain a close community and not become too regimented.

CoTS came to life about seven years ago with the purpose of creating a no-blame, guilt-free, environment in which we hope everyone can relax and remember that WoW is about having fun with friends. We don't point the finger at anyone's 'apparent' short-comings and do everything possible to encourage and help all Companions to learn how to play and have a little chill time .

With a number of our lower level members aiming to reach Pandaland, We will do all in our power to help any who wish to attain those things and above all feel welcome.

while advancement to 90, end-game raiding, and the whole new Mists of Pandaria content is important, it’s not as important as the ethos this Guild will always attempt to advocate to its membership and which remains its core value: ‘ full wow content in a relaxed, ‘blameless’ and no-pressure environment where everyone can progress at their own pace and have some real 'fun’ - whiners, moaners, those of a racist or otherwise intolerant nature; the impatient know-it-all political children of a thousand fathers, need not apply Razz

So, if any of the above sounds like you and you'd like to help us move forward as a group then create yourself a thread and let us know why we want you and why you want us.

CoTSROXX cheers

As a bit of a guide the following info would be useful.

In-game name:
Previous Guilds:
Why did you leave?:
Why should we recruit you?:
Why do you want to join us?:
Do you know any of our guild members?:
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